The Washington Y has become very important to me.  It’s a major part of my life.  The fitness classes are so well done and thought out.  Teri and Mel keep it interesting and I really appreciate their passion.

– Jeff Whetstin

The Ymca has been a very important part of my life, and now my daughters life. I joined the swim Team at 11 years old and completed through graduation. Learning how to swim is a important skill a child should learn growing up. And now my daughter takes swim lessons at the Y and A new pool and locker room is greatly needed to serve the community. We need to be able to keep lessons going and not be down due to pool repairs. My daughter also attends the Ymca childcare center which they recently moved to their new facility and it is wonderful. I want to Thank the Women of Washington Iowa Endowment so much for seeing the need for a new child care center. It is truly a blessing, the kids love it, thank you so much. I also attend weekly fitness classes as well and more space is needed for growing class sizes and new equipment to accommodate the class numbers.

The Ymca will always be a important part of my life and my daughter. So many families would benefit from a new Ymca. A safe place for kids to go and play with friends, employment for teens home on summer break from school. Y- for a better Us!

– Molly Miksch

More than 25 years ago, my family was given the opportunity to move to Washington.  One of the major considerations for relocation was quality of life.  Having previously lived in communities ranging in size from 700 to 9500 with no like organization, we were awed by what the Community Y had to offer and its focus on population wellness.  Washington is fortunate to have the Community Y and its contribution to making Washington one of the “ Top 100 Small Towns in America”.

– Keith and Sam Lazar

My experience with the Y has come “full circle”. As I watch my grandchildren participate in the many programs, it reminds me of my life growing up with the Y. After moving to Washington 30+ years ago, our family became fully involved in life with our Washington Community Y. We utilized everything from basketball for Phil & Erin, swimming, day care, youth leagues and wellness programs. My grandchildren are the fourth generation of Phil’s family to have this Y as a part  of their life. Beyond bricks and mortar, our Y represents caring and acceptance. It has a soul and a huge heart and no one is ever turned away. Our programming touches all ages and stages of life. We have been blessed with lasting friendships, life skills and knowledge that will server our family well beyond the present. THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!

– Phil & Pam Perdock

I remember coming to the Y just about every day after school and hanging out with friends – playing air hockey, basketball, watching TV, lifting weights, or just hanging out. It was always a great place to be.

Traveling around to modern YMCAs in our state really opened my eyes to the many benefits a new facility has to offer. A new YMCA will be super positive for our community.

I learned to swim at the YMCA and it’s probably good that I did. One time I was tubing on a dangerous river and was sucked into some logs and pulled under by extremely strong currents. I was able to power myself up and get back to safety but always figured a non-experienced swimmer might not have been so fortunate. It made me realize that learning to swim is really a moral responsibility that we as a community must adhere to. Having a modern indoor pool will be a great feature for our community. Our existing pool is running on borrowed time and could have catastrophic failure at any moment. I understand the Y cannot afford to build the pool without more community support but that our phased approach is actually the quickest, most efficient way to get there given today’s resources. Doing nothing or standing idly by puts us at greater risk of losing an indoor pool in Washington for a dangerously extended time period. Having a 8 month old baby, that really concerns me. That’s why I’m doing whatever I can to help our cause for the Y, getting Phase 1 in motion so we can dedicate our efforts toward Phase 2 as soon as possible. Consistent effort, momentum and positive attitudes will get us there!

One of the most beneficial aspects of being a part of the Y and serving on the board is the people I encounter. I heard recently that every positive friend you have makes it 20% more likely you will be a successful person. The Y promotes positivity in every way so it’s a guaranteed way to make far more than 5 positive friends that will help you be the best you possibly can be!

– Matt Greiner

All three of my children learned to swim at the Y at the age of three, in the indoor pool, and they all moved on to participate in the Water Sharks swim team.  In our family, we’ve had at least one child participate in the swim team for the last 10 years.  Whether learning to swim, participating in a positive and encouraging competitive swim team or swimming laps, our family’s participation in Y aquatics programming has led to lifelong skills and memories that I know are shared by hundreds of other swimmers in our community.  We look forward to the future and improved facilities that can help provide expanded aquatics and other programing to current and future generations of children and adults in the greater Washington community.

– Diana Wubbena

The Washington YMCA is not just for the young, not just for the old, but is an asset for everyone!  The construction of a new YMCA facility in the City of Washington will impact generations and expand the services that are provided to all age groups.  Most importantly, the Y will assure that the children of tomorrow have the potential to become active, engaged, and thriving members of the community.  We hope that you will join us in this vision for the future.
– Ken & Rosemary Hanson

Kevin and I support the Y to maintain our health for a place to exercise. For an economic standpoint, people are interested in the Y for recreation when looking for a community to move into. The Y has great atmosphere for social clubs to meet. The Y provides many youth programs to help children learn social development .

– Kevin & Denise Erpelding